Cameroon union of journalist has condemn the decision of Peter Essoka and National communication council(Cnc)
On 20 January 2017, the President of the National Communication Council (Cnc), Peter Essoka, read a statement on Crtv, warning the media about how they deal with current events in the two Anglophone Regions of the North-West and South-West. Among other things, the communiqué prohibits media from talking issues related to federalism and secession.
The president of the Cnc intervenes after several measures of restriction of freedoms, in particular the suspension of the Internet in the Northwest and the Southwest.
The National Union of Journalists of Cameroon (Snjc) calls on all media outs and journalists to disregard the injunctions of Mr Essoka Peter, once again condemning the cynicism of the Cnc, to consider the injunctions as null and void. Of no effect. The Snjc invites the Cameroon media and journalists to give a fair and equitable echo to all the opinions expressed by Cameroonian citizens on the issues of federalism and secession.
The SNCC notes that the Cnc and its president are no longer hiding to defend and implement the censorship imposed by the regime that subsidizes them.
The Snjc reserves the right to retaliate against Peter Essoka, the Cnc and the government they serve.

Snjc asks the Fédipresse and the other media promoters to clarify their positions on the professional existence and legitimacy of the Cnc.
Done at Douala on 21 January 2017
Denis Nkwebo
President of the Snjc ”

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