Cameroon :Deadlock in Bamenda as teachers demand south West represtatives be included before dialogue is getting reports that there is a Deadlock  in Bamenda as TAC,PEATTU,BATTU,CEWOTU,CATTU demand an immediate inclusion of south West represtatives and the release of Al the Anglophone Youths arrested before dialogue can continue with the regime.

While with await full details on Deadlock in Bamenda, it is vital to note that travelers from From Ngoketunjia division are on unable to travel to Bamenda.



Our source from Baba 1 who intended to travel to Bamenda say they are stranded in Ndop as no vehicle is passing to Bamenda.”All having been blocked at check points at Sabga and Others blocked at Babessi.I’m on my way back home as the men in uniform will not let us pass. I’m going back to baba1,”said the eyewitness.

Adding that” there is only one way traffic OUT of Bamenda which is heavily militarized since the early hours of this morning.



All roads from Nkambe in Donga Mantung Division and Jakiri in Bui Division into Bamenda town have been blocked by the military, also major roads into Bamenda town are fully controlled by men in uniform. is aware that Travelers from Nkambe and Jakiri were forced to make a U-turn early Tuesday December 27, 2016.Even patients on their way to the hospital were stopped and sent back as all check points are now being controlled by men in uniform.

by Hillman Muntang.



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