Cameroon : Dock Workers Call Off Strike

Normal loading and off-loading of ships at the Douala seaport resumed Saturday as dialogue between authorities, importers and the aggrieved continues.

Work is going on well on board many ships at the Douala seaport. Workers recruited by the Cameroon Importers Group (GPAC) called stevedores were Saturday busily loading and off-loading ships. This follows calm which has returned following dialogue between the aggrieved stevedores and administrative authorities led by Littoral Governor, Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, and authorities of the Port Authority of Douala (PAD) over the week-end.

“Relative to the consideration of some of our grievances and the continuation of dialogue with government, GPAC management and PAD we are hereby calling of the strike which begun Friday 12, May 2017, at 2 am.” These were the words of Gabriel Manimben, leader of the aggrieved stevedores, to reporters after their meeting with administrative authorities and officials of the Port Authority of Douala in the banquet hall of the Littoral Governor in Bonanjo Saturday, May 13, 2017. Following an earlier meeting that Saturday at PAD, in which Decision N°0379/GPAC/CDG/SG/ jee / 17 relative to the cancellation of the White Card was taken, the aggrieved stevedores recruited to load and off-load ships at the Douala seaport returned to work. They had downed their working gadgets and observed a sit-in at the entrance to the seaport and the Customs Department throughout Friday.

The White Card, which did not give the stevedore the right to payment if he had not worked, had been cancelled and all stevedores are now considered under the Pink Card, which entitles them to full salary if the stevedore could work just for three hours.

The 3,300 aggrieved stevedores recruited by the Cameroon Importers Group, known in French as Groupement Professionnel des Acconiers du Cameroun (GPAC), are demanding, among others, an insurance cover, application of the resolutions found in the general state of stevedores, fair distribution of work, application of the terms of the conventions and agreements hitherto reached, establishment of a basic salary for stevedores, GPAC to resume the catering for their families, 13th month salary as well as the establishment of a single card for all stevedores.


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