Cameroon :Douala gets its first crematorium,soon to be operational


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The project steering committee met at the Douala City Council on 27 and 28 January 2016 on the modalities, organization and operation of the post mortem treatment center. This project of the Urban Community of Douala and municipalities, is validated by the decision 008-35 / minsantécapct2 of 7 January 2016 establishing and organizing a post mortem establishment in the economic capital Douala.

A team of nearly 39 people, including executives from the Ministry of Health, discussed for two days every information that will enable the proper functioning of this institution.

According to Dr. Fritz Ntone Ntone, Delegate to the Douala Urban Community, the establishment of this facility in an environment where  incineration of bodies is not part of the culture is inscribed in the problems of urbanization facing cemeteries in Douala. These cemeteries are full and plans to creat new ones and implement modern methods of body treatment especially abandoned bodies are underway . All this is justified in the overall context of the need to protect the environment and the development of anything that can guarantee sustainable development, “says Delegate .

Dr. Mambo Maka Ministry of Public Health said “It is a delicate activity at any point of view that has not yet framed. It must be framed and must make all the arrangements, because we are not doing a dead center in Douala, it will have to  complies with all legal considerations, environmental and public health And ensure that the business will be well done,

Le Nouvelle Expression on its edition of thursday 4/2/2016 says the government delegate said “There is already a cremation oven that can in one hour cremate a body.The space also includes cold rooms, a meditation room, a funeral home and green spaces,vaults that  will serve the mortuary including every amenities needed to ensure a good forensic study of anatomical pathology and practical arrangements of instruments that enable secure operations by the law enforcement agencies and the  administration .There will be on-site the necessary amenities for those who wish for body lifted, that’s why there will be a funeral, “said Fritz Ntone Ntone.

 A crematorium with a total cost of 200 million CFA francs and a temperature of at least 800 ° is already in place.George Noe,an electrical engineer explains some features of this equipment. “It works in two stages namely, the insertion of the body and when prepared it is admitted into the oven and the process of  cremation starts and in less than an hour, you can have a total cremation,”  he said.

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