Cameroon: Dr Fomunyoh ask Biya to address the Nation on the Events in North-West & South-West Regions

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh.

The President of the Fomunyoh Foundation Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh  has expressed his shocks on the events in English-speaking Cameroon  and has appealed for President Biya to address the Nation on the current crisis in the  North-West and South-West regions. received his full statement today 7th of December, 2016 and it reads;

Over the past few weeks I have watched with dismay and sadness the events in Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, and in particular the demonstrations of  lawyers in Bamenda in October and November 8 ;The demonstrations of the common law lawyers in Buea on 10 November;And the teachers’ strike since 22 November, which is affecting primary, secondary and higher educational establishments in these two regions of the country.



These events disrupt access to the rule of law and the education system, which are two essential pillars of our national cohesion and human rights.

They add to previously expressed grievances and to the feeling of disaffection felt by a large part of our population regarding the way the Biya government manages the questions of governance in these fundamental sectors.

Also, these unfortunate events  demonstrate to all Cameroonians and the international community, the inability of the authorities to listen to the voices of their fellow citizens.

Cameroonian authorities have not been able to create an appropriate space for constructive discussions and dialogue between citizens and the regime who have the right in any democratic society.

In the 21st century, democratic governance implies a permanent link with citizens, which gives them opportunities to express their demands. This governance also implies concrete measures so that all citizens can recognize each other  appropriately in the same nation and necessitate reforms.

This is the only way the State can give everyone his or her own dignity and promote citizen responsibility. Failing to meet citizens’ expectations, the government proves its inability to lead the country in an inclusive and responsible manner.

As I have already pointed out in the past, the issues raised by common law lawyers and now by teachers and parents in these two regions deserve full attention at the highest level of the state.

These questions portray the fundamental values ​​that unite us in this homeland.

We must not allow national cohesion to be so belittled by the present government.

Sadly, these events also echo the recent social movements in Yaoundé and the threats of demonstrations launched by the Union of Francophone Teachers for the coming days.

In my mind, there is no doubt that a generalized malaise is likely to affect the current political environment of our country.

I appeal therefore to President Paul Biya to speak directly to the nation in order to appease the spirits and to take concrete steps to respond fairly and equitably to the grievances expressed.

I also call on the government not to use force against innocent and unarmed demonstrators who peacefully defend their rights.

The government must set up an expanded special commission to deal with these claims.

It is clear that the questions raised by teachers far outweigh the competencies of the ministerial cabinets responsible for education in our country – namely: Ministry of Higher Education,Ministry of Secondary Education, Ministry of Education,Basic Education and the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training – none of which is currently held by a person from the Anglo-Saxon education system.



While our country proudly claims its biculturalism, such a division of political responsibilities does not promote a good understanding of the values ​​borne and defended by Anglophone teachers, pupils and parents.

Also, I call on lawyers, teachers, parents and students in the North-West and South-West to be patient and open to dialogue, knowing that the vast majority of Cameroonians defend and appreciate their fairness Measures of justice and integrity.

It is on this basis of values ​​that Cameroon will remain strong and united.

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh President

The Fomunyoh Foundation.


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