Cameroon :Ex-director of budget Antoine Félix Samba in a new scandal

Antoine Félix Samba, former Director-General of the Budget at the Ministry of Finance (MINFI)

Antoine Félix Samba, former Director General of Budget at the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) is involved in a new after the unanswered questions on the source of money to build the mansion that has shaken Cameroon for the second day running.

The Inspector General at the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) is said to be involved in a ten-hectare land dispute.

A dispute that is the main reason of the conflict that is currently dividing the village community of Nkozoa and  the heirs of late Kam Jacques. “We have two land titles justifying the acquisition of the plots of land in Nkozoa by our father, the late Kam Jacques. But to our surprise, some people were attacked by some people, including Antoine Felix Samba [current Inspector General at the Ministry of Finance], challenging our rights, “says Sadja Kam Samuel, a representative of the heirs.


The Kam family represented by  Yves Francis Nang Nyangono presented another letter from the village community of Nkozoa, proposing an amicable settlement of 150 million CFA francs for land for peace to rain . The Offer was rejected by the heirs of the late Kam. “I want to clarify that, if there were any demonstrations here, the protesters are not from Nkozoa.  They are the members of the Kam Jacques family , recruited by their associations which never bought the land, who came to perform a show and take the advantage of the tumults we have in other provinces to come and sow disorder in our country, “says Opono Tsala, who presented himself as the council of the village community of Nkozoa.

The latter added that “the Kam family found accomplices in Nkozoa and these accomplices who had nothing to do with the land went to get certificates of abandonment of customary rights,” says le Jour . “To my knowledge, there is no legal land title on this land. To the best of my knowledge, I know that the two registration files that I have engaged must be successful because we own the land, we have been operating in it consistently, in accordance with the law. Particularly Article 9 of 27 April 1976, which governs the conditions for the issue of land titles. We did not get rid of anyone. This land belonged to Etoudi, more precisely to the Mvog Ekala family who settled there around the 1940s, “said the lawyer, adding that Felix Antoine Samba Inspector General at the Ministry of Finance, a grandson in Nkozoa is heavily involved in the case.

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