Cameroon-FECAFOOT Crisis:Abdouraman & Co demand Says Tombi Out Before Negotiations with FIFA.

The leaders of the opposition demand among other things the resignation of Tombi A Roko Sidiki.While the case was believed to be closed, the crisis at FECAFOOT made a resurgence during the meeting convened by FIFA on 8 June 2017 in Zurich on the executive elected on September 28, 2015, led by Tombi A Roko Sidiki and accepted by FIFA officials of which at the same time was protested by Abdouraman Hamadou(Etoile filante de Garoua),Joseph Antoine Bell(Bandjoun Fc),Domingo Akoue Epie(Jeunesse stars de Yaoundé),John Balog(Authentic Fc of Douala) and Prosper Nkou Mvondo(Ngaoundéré Fc).
La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) published on May 11, 2017 reports that the standard-bearers of the dispute require before any discussion, the departure of Tombi A Roko. They demand that his position as President be denied. They have indicated their position in a correspondence sent to FIFA after a concertation in Yaoundé, adds our colleague.

One of the presidents who attended the concertation told LNE that “From the letter we received, we drew the attention of FIFA to review the qualities or functions that it has attributed to some and to others. She is free to invite whomever she wants. But the real problem is that she should not assign functions that we do not recognize. She no longer has to write “President” to the “Secretary General of FACAFOOT“.
Opponents in fact claim that FIFA must take into account the sentence of the National Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration confirmed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, annulling the last election. A position which shows the difficulties that the world body of football will have to reconcile the positions with the aim of a definitive appeasement.

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