Cameroon: Finance Minister accused of paying FCFA 24 billion to Baba Danpullo

Alamine Ousmane Mey
The Minister of Finance (MINFI)Ousmane Mey is accused of paralyzing public finances.

Information circulating says the state coffers are empty. And the state is no longer able to meet some of its financial commitments.According to Le Quotidien L’Épervier of December 21, 2016, many service providers are unable to reclaim their funds due to a financial slump within MINFI.

If one believes sources believed to be credible by the French daily ,  Mey would have granted a payment of 24 billion FCFA to billionaire Alhaji Baba Danpullo. The reasons for this payment have not yet been clarified, the paper said.

Why the payments of Billionaire Baba Danpullo’s invoices were validated very quickly when some economic operators and other service providers have been tripping for several months on the premises of this ministry to claim their money after service Rendered remains an unanswered question .

It is important to know why MINFI now grants payments to some people to the detriment of Cameroonian tax payers and other several others service renderers.

For L’Épervier , the pretext for financing the war against Boko Haram is perfidious. The disinterestedness of the providers, the pay advances of the civil servants have been slowed down because there is no money. But where have the billions that have been given to the businessman come from? “Asks the paper.

The newspaper accuses the MINFI of taking advantage of its proximity to the Head of State and his family to do what ever he likes as the head of this strategic ministerial department. Because, he remains indifferent to the complaints of the public.

By Elad Pride .

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