Cameroon: Fire razed two offices in the Yaounde Central Hospital


Two offices of Pastor pavilion were consumed by flames yesterday evening.The offices of councilor # 2 and # 2 superintendent of the Central Hospital of Yaounde, was reduced to ashes. Computer hardware, medical records, which were at a neurosurgeon were completely razed by the flame,in a building considered to be the symbol of the Yaounde Central Hospital which yesterday last it’s iconic image in a fire outbreak .( Photo below)


Built in 1933,it is still unclear as to what caused the fire at the pavilion.A situation that paralyzed business for at least two hours in the Yaounde base training hospital.

According to Le Jour, some sources testify that some doctors who were in the operating room at about 15h when the fire alarm went on,immediately abandoned the sick and went out.eyewitness accounts note that the carers  had their eyes focused watching helplessly as fire ravaged the building.

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