Cameroon: From prison, Marafa says he opposes federalism

Marafa hamidou Yaya

Cameroon’s Former Minister of territorial administration Marafa Hamidou Yaya,  Has reacted to the current Anglophone call for federalism.

The elite from the north region who  is serving a 20 years sentence in prison, has written a letter to His English-speaking compatriots not to part with francophone Cameroon .

In the letter of which obtained copy the former minister of territorial administration, said he is opposed to federalism, the main demand of the demonstrators in the Southwest and Northwest regions of Cameroon.

The Biya’s ex-right-hand man  advised Anglophones to consider bilingualism as an asset.

“To succeed, we should not resurrect the phantom of federalism, but rather choose  diversity, in unity, to finally implement  the process of decentralization,” writes Marafa.

The Bilingualism which has been recognized in the constitution of Cameroon, is “applied in a profoundly unequal manner in the administration. ”

According to Marafa, bilingualism as a symbol, is an asset to Cameroon’s historical heritage.

Marafa further proposes the creation of a National Unification Council.
“I propose that a national unification council should be set up at the highest level of the state. This council will meet every six months to assess the advent of a new Cameroonian, rich in its double culture, “concludes the former minister

By Evangeline Sih .




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