Cameroon :Gang specialised in car theft neutralised in Mbalmayo

photo of arrested criminals

Five men, who all work for a private security firm in Douala, are awaiting trial at the Mbalmayo principal prison for robbing a company they were suppose to secure.

The gang members were arrested in separate operations carried out by the gendarmerie Company of Mbalmayo with the collaboration of the Etoudi Brigade and the local population.

The first suspect was caught by his relatives in his hideout in Nkolmetet and dragged to the Gendarmerie Brigade after news of his involvement in a 10th January robbery in Douala was received.

After interrogations, he helped the officers arrest three other gang members at the Emana neighbourhood in Yaounde with assistance from the Etoudi Brigade, the vehicle they stole was also recovered. The gang leader who masterminded the operation was later arrested in Mbalmayo.

He was a supervisor at the security firm and used his position of influence to facilitate at the operation that resulted in the theft of a Nissan Teana from the MITCAM company in Douala. 

The suspects said they had placed the vehicle on sale at seven million CFA francs just before they were dismantled.

The gang has been involved in other operations in Douala including the emptying of the container of electrical appliances worth about 200 million CFA francs.

The company commander, captain Cyrille Maurice Ndzana, who commanded the operation that led to the arrest, has saluted the cooperation of the local population and promised.

Source :crtv

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