Cameroon -Ghost town :The Mamfe Mayor bows to the people’s course

 Sessekou Ayuk Takunchong John,  Mayor of Mamfe

The Mayor of Mamfe, Sessekou Ayuk Takunchong John has at least for now demonstrated some intuition in the face of the Ghost Town and the Struggle of Southern Cameroonians.

Sessekou Ayuk Takunchong John didn’t open his shop today Tuesday 16th of January, 2017, the second day of the two days ghost town in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon called by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium (CACSC).

Added to that, our source in Mamfe, Eric Tataw  indicates that the mayor has apologized to some few that he misconstrued the initial idea of the Ghost Town. source also confirms that the population of Mamfe have welcomed him Back like the biblical Prodigal Son.They hope that his case  sends a signals to other Judases of the Anglophone course.


The Mayor’s action is the most prescribed “Judasuotherapy“,a word used by Eric Tataw  referring to the treatment of a person who had once betrayed Southern Cameroonians .

Meaning after the black legs have done Judasuotherapy like the Mayor did , they’re temporarily removed from the list of traitors and quarantined for further observations.

It is still unclear if Paul Ghogomo the President of the adhoc committee set up by PM Yang Philemon fails in this list, following events of the last few days.

In another news,  the Mutengene main market was closed too and a few Women who went to sell their goods were all returned home as the Ghost successfully makes its way through  Mutengene, Tiko, Likomba, Mile 14 and many other surrounding communities.

By Hillman Muntang

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