Cameroon :Government freezing accounts of Southern Cameroonians

Confirmed reports reaching says Eco Bank has frozen several accounts of many West Cameroonians including lawyers following strict orders from the 35years old regime of Mr. Paul Biya .

Our source insist common law lawyers accounts were frozen for being the Brian behind the current Anglophone Uprising.

Common Law Lawyers were flogged by the regime during  peaceful protest last year and most of them are trapped in the country and cannot also leave Cameroon now because their accounts have been blocked.

Anglophone lawyers have not been working for the past 5 months and this present move by government worsens their situation as the Biya regime  continues to “harvest” Anglophones from their homes.

As seen in the photo below gendarmes indiscriminately arrest citizens and take them to unknown destination and with no lawyer, no magistrate, no judge available in the Anglophone regions the genocide becomes very easy for the regime.

By Hillman Muntang 

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