Cameroon: Gov’t Deploys Thousands of Plain Clothe Security Men to NW/SW With Mission to Abduct Residents.

Thousands of plain clothe security officers have been dispatched to the North West and South West Regions with instructions to abduct anyone heard or seen discussing current stalemate in the two regions.
They have infiltrated every street corner and are conducting mass abduction of Anglophones suspected of having anything to do with the strike. Just voicing out a word about the strike action or having the phone number of any known activists or text message can land one into trouble.
Two weeks ago, two people traveling from Bamenda to Yaoundé were arrested around Bafoussam because one of them received a text message about the Anglophone problem and shared it with his friend.A worker of a popular interurban bus travel agency in Kumba,Mondial Express, recently disappeared after the phone number of the famous Mancho BBC was found in his phone, and it was discovered that he has been communicating with other Anglophone activists. Management of the express has said they do not know his whereabouts now.Few days ago, the spouse of a notorious activist based abroad was accosted by a plain clothe officer warning him of “the noise the wife is making on Facebook.”

By Larry Uchenna

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