Cameroon :Heads to roll as Etoudi investigates how Biya’s speech was leaked 3 hours before broadcast




Etoudi, unity palace has been reliably informed that Etoudi has opened an investigation into how the 2016 end of year speech  by President Paul Biya became public 3 hours before broadcast.

The leaked speech which was published by  in French two hours before broadcast, was already in circulation in the social media some 3 hrs earlier and Cameroonians read Mr. Biya’s recorded speech word for word along with the head of state on 31St if December 2016.






Meanwhile steam is gathering in the North West Region about school reopening as most of the meetings organised by SDOs and DOs to force school to resume come January 9th are failing.

In menchum the meeting ended in a fiasco as most principals and head teachers boldly told the DO they can’t take the risk of going to school even after the DO had pleaded there will be security.

In Ndu, Fons told the DO “we are not teachers. We did not call a strike so we can’t call it of; and walked off the meeting.

In Nso PM Yang Philemon was blocked from meeting Thursday with the traditional ruler of Nso HRH S. Mbinglo. Hundreds of youths have surrounded the palace to prevent their Fon from leaving the fondom following the Ngonso festival.

At press time gathered the Nkwifon in some Nso villages were announcing that patents should send children to school.It is not known if the Nkwifon are prepared to teach the children if they respond to their call.

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