Cameroon: How HRH Njoya ordered the Arrest of Anglophone youths in Ndop

HRH.  John Njoya Sama of Bamunka village Ndop,Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest region

According to correspondent in Ndop his HRH John Njoya Samuel ordered the arrest of close to a hundred  West Cameroonian youths on the 8th of February,2017. The population started rioting immediately and Ndop was in total darkness as electricity was cut off.

It all began When an angry mob partially burned part of  Franchophone section of GBHS Bamuka -Ndop and destroy a bridge leading to the  school in Ngoketunjia Division North West region  for not obeying the current anglophone strike action.

This lead to a mass arrest Wednesday and some of those arrested where immediately taken to Bamenda with just a handful left in Ndop Gendarmerie.On hearing this,thousands of women, children gather Thursday at Gendarmerie Ndop demanding their release .

The Protesters where told by officers at gendarmrie post Ndop that their Fon , Retired Superintendent of Customs  John Njoya Sama ordered the MASS arrest.Immediately the mob started marching to the Fon private residence to protest. The protesting mother ,fathers and children spent all Thursday at the Fon’s residence and retired at night fall.They are expected early Friday February 10th to continue with their protest.

Rumours say the governor of the Northwest region lele Afrique has ordered the release of those arrested but every citizen  who came out in protest insist “it is seeing before believing not the order way round.”

more details tomorrow stay turned.

by ABANDA  Nuh for




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