BARRISTER AGBOR Nkongho Félix has officially frowned against the ploy by many politicians who want to take advantage of the current impasse in Cameroon to destroy the image and person of Barrister  KAMENI JOHN SICHUI.

BARRISTER Ngongho makes it clear that Barrister makes it clear that Barrister KAMENI JOHN, LYONGA LAWRENCE and YOLANDE NGO have been the only once who have been visiting him regularly from the SED through the investigating magistrate where they entered appearance to Nkondengiu principal prison.

BARRISTER NKONGHO IS very grateful to Barr. KAMENI JOHN, LYONGA LAWRENCE,  NI BEN MUNA , NI AKERE MUNA AND all the lawyers of the steadfastness.

Barrister Agbor Nkongho calls on all not to fall a prey to the ploy of local politicians who want to incite them against peaceful citizens.

“Barrister KAMENI is my brother says Barrister Agbor Nkongho and he has always been there for him.

STOP this carnage and sabotage and do not be distracted by these mischievous misleading messages . Barrister KAMENI HAS notthing to do with my arrest. I was arrested in MOLYKO. I was identified by a MOLYKO based Commissioner not Barrister KAMENI.”

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