Cameroon:In Bafut,DO’s call for schools to resume on the 9th received laughter in the hall.

A special meeting convened today by the sub-divisional officer for Bafut sub division for schools to resume on the 9th started at 11:30 am in the Bafut Court Hall in the premises of the Bafut Council.

According to’s source,those who attended the meeting told the DO in black and white that they are not the teachers who called for the strike and only the teachers should call off the strike.
Unanimously they noted “That the roots of the tree whose leaves are going dry should be handled first rather than try to cure the leaves that will continue going dry.”
Adding That the adhoc committee that was just upgraded by adding our brothers of the South West should begin work first, see the outcome and decide for us whether schools should resume or not.
Though the meeting finally ended that school will not reopen come monday the 9th of Janaury,all the Chiefs were in disagreement over the resumption issue. Chief Mba of Mambu thinks that schools should resume, but Chief Monitor of Nsem thinks the two parties; the government representatives and the trade union leaders would decide after their next meeting, may be next, but which must be only after the 9th.
When the DO called on all to ensure that schools resume on Monday 9th. This was received by laughter in the hall.but before the meeting ended, a participant asked if there was No transport nor refreshment.

NO SCHOOLS RESUMPTION ON MONDAY the 9 th of January 2017 was the resolved of  all those who were in attendance.







Meanwhile John Mbah Akuroh,in his capacity as President of the Cameroon Anglophone Publishers’ Association, CANPA and Secretary General of the Commonwealth Journalists Association – CJA- Cameroon, says his association supports the strikes of the lawyers and teachers and stand by the demands made by the consortium , “while insisting we back the calls for schools shutdown and ghost town until the demands presented are met”.

The Senior state reporter, further reports that “…Government Bribery Sweeps Mercenary “Journalists” in Bamenda
A group of hungry so-called journalists grouped under a yet-to-be known federation of Anglophone Journalism associations was caught sharing money at Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda this day to whomever wanted to collect so they could go and sell their message that students must return to school on Monday the 9th of January, 2017.

The said traitors, led by one Dotta Ezekiel who runs The Watchdog newspaper, specialized in dishing out awards to gullible politicians, posed as representing all Anglophone journalists in Cameroon,”he wrote.

By Elad Pride


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