Cameroon-Investigation :”Kill AYAH Paul”-Laurent Esso orders

Justice minister laurent Esso

The man who ordered the elimination of Chief Justice AYAH Paul is no other than Laurent Esso, Minister of Justice.

My source at the Ministry of Justice reveals that Laurent Esso ordered for the unlawful arrest of the Supreme Court Judge and only later informed the presidency.Initially, Esso’s plan was for Ayah to be killed.

Unidentified gun men approached Ayah’s part time driver seeking to know the location of Ayah’s residence; they failed to influence him with a huge sum of money. Their plan was aborted as God got them jittery as they unsuccessfully tried to arrest him the first time.

An angry Esso impressed on the Gendarmerie officers to go take AYAH by force by lying that orders were from the presidency. He compelled them to maltreat AYAH to death just like he ordered the arrest and slaying of Bibi Ngota, a francophone journalist who’d indicted him for corruption charges.

Rounds of rumour at the Justice Ministry abound that BIYA was in the process of cleaning up the mess of the Justice Ministry by confiding in and tapping AYAH to help him. Esso became jealous and feared he would lose his job; he then sought a secret plan to wipe Ayah out of the scene but God, the Master planner was just in time!

Supreme Court advocate General AYAH Paul

Ask yourself why for three weeks, they have been unable to charge Supreme Court advocate General AYAH Paul Abine.

It is important to note that ever since AYAH was appointed to the Supreme Court, laurent Esso pulled strings and blocked Ayah’s salary for up to 20 months for being a critic against the regime and against the judiciary

Reports reaching me is that the presidency feels embarrassed by Ayah’s arrest especially as the eyeballs of the Americans are on his file. And that they are working round the clock to pin pentup charges or release Ayah to safe face.


Undercover investigation by AKOSON pauline..


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