Cameroon :John Fru Ndi Intervenes and Frees Journalist in Bamenda

John Fru Ndi

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (Cameroon’s main opposition political party) has intervened in the case of one Bamenda- based journalists. Kiven Brenda, North West Bureau Chief of The National Telegraph has been in hiding since four days ago after police invaded her home.


Brenda informed the President of the National Telegraph Group ( National Telegraph Newspaper and Magazine), Eric Tataw while in hiding that her laptop and some past editions of The National Telegraph Newspaper were bundled to the police station.

We were also informed that the police were looking for incriminating evidence relating to the strike and that Some Bamenda journalists  pointed to the houses of their colleagues to the enemy with a left hand.

Given the fact the journalist was only reporting stories as they occurred or as they are rumoured, John Fru Ndi had to intervene this morning.

The chairman of SDF personally took Brenda from her hideout to the police station demanding her crime.

According to Eric Tataw -the Founding President and CEO of the venerated National Telegraph Group,Brenda and The National Telegraph Group are now free. He immensely thanked Ni John Fru Ndi  for his fatherly intervention.


He further adds that he has  already been hinted that the government is targeting him and challenges the Government to  ask Journalists to do disclaimers for information she thinks is untrue and at their convenience or go to court according to the regulations other than arresting and intimidating them.

The National Telegraph CEO also seized the opportunity to call on the national Chairman of the SDF to  intervene into the case of Atia Azohnwi Tim and Amos Fofung, all journalist who have been arrested in line with the ongoing crisis.


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