Cameroon : Judicial Year Opens At Supreme Court Without Ayah Paul

Ayah Paul Abine, missing in action / Archives

The Seat of Justice Ayah Paul Abine One of Supreme Courts Advocate General will be empty this Wednesday February 22, 2017 as the new judicial year opens.

The Advocate General at the Supreme Court was ‘kidnapped’ last month at his residence in Yaoundé and ferried to the State Defense Secretariat, SED.

There have been no charges yet on him as sources say it is very difficult to levy any against him talk less of judging him given that he is one of the supreme Judges in Cameroon and need to be judged only by someone superior to him.

Opinions are rife that Ayah Paul was ‘kidnapped’ by the regime to weaken the system fighting for the restoration of the Southern Cameroon State. It is alleged that Ayah Paul is one of the brains behind the struggle.

The 2017 Judicial years also opens within the context of an over four months old strike action initiated by Common law lawyers in Cameroon. Courts have been grounded since October as the Anglophone Lawyers demand the redeployment of Civil Law Magistrates to Civil Law zones and Common Law Magistrates to Common Law zones, they are also asking the creation of a special department at the Supreme Court to hear cases in the Common law domain, the creation of Common Law department in the National School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM.

The new judicial year also opens within the context of the adoption of the Penal Code in June 2016 by Parliamentarians.

Today’s ceremony takes place according to article 33 sub 1 of law 2006/016 of 29 December 2006 on the organization and functioning of the Supreme Court.



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