Cameroon : Lady Ponce pays homage to Georgette Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o and wife

 Cameroonian musician artist Lady Ponce has writen a tribute to the wife of African and Cameroonian football legend. The bikutsi artist expresses the admiration she has for the companion of the goleador.

You are the epitome of the etymology of women. Despite all what you have you keep your head low. You show us a good example that the perfect happiness in life remains in the family. Your humility and your simplicity surprise me and let me every day of my life to be better in my marriage. To me you are the epitome of the perfect woman, or if not the best woman in the world.

You are the Guardian angel  of SAMUEL Eto’o because if your husband could go so high it is because you, you have always been able to cover as mother hen; like they should say, “behind a great man is a great woman. ” Please do not change because you inspire many women. She continues, Blessed GEORGETTE Eto’o,I’m a fan of you and Cameroon through me love you . ” she posted on her Facebook page


A message that has caused reactions from Facebook users, especially in these times of turmoil for the Eto’o couple faced by the well publized imminent release of the book of Nathalie Koah , the former girlfriend of footballer.

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