Cameroon :Lawyers assaulted and BBC journalist arrested at military tribunal in Yaounde

Reports says Lawyers have been assaulted and interrupted in the middle of a press conference and a BBC journalist Randy Joe Sa’a arrested,all his apparels taken at military tribunal.

According to military personel alleged to be a court clerk of the military court, there are orders that no media should cover the event at the military tribunal except the State own CRTV .

A lawyer( name withheld) present at the scene lament that “What got me so bemused was the fact that a military personnel threatened to beat lawyers and passed an interim order that all lawyers will be searched before the leave the court premises. This got me flabbergasted. Where is the rule of law?? Is searching not governed by law?, he question. understands the lawyers who were present at the military tribunal today 1st of January, 2017 were temporary held hostage. The order was later revoked.

Meanwhile Senior former Batoniers, Ni Muna Esq. Eta Bisong Esq. Ntumfor Nico Halle Esq held close door sessions to secure the release of the BBC correspondent Randy Joe Sa’a .
Randy Joe Sa’a

Their reports is to the effect that he will be released but all his apparels will be probed and images deleted. “It was a very disturbing and irksome scene which almost blew up to exchange of blows between lawyers and military.when they attempted seizing phones of lawyers. So sad in our own home” add the same lawyer.


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