Cameroon loses one of its greatest indigenous publishers

Mr ANU was the publisher of ANUCAM books, arguably the leading indigenous publisher in the English Speaking part of Cameroon. Mr Martin Anu died on July 30, 15 at the Bamenda General Hospital after a protracted illness.
Mr Anu was born in 1951 in Fontem, Lebialem Cameroon to late catechist Pa Anu and Mami Lucia Anu, still alive. He began publishing in 1984 under Anucam Centre for Research and Development ANUCRED with its headquarters in Menji Fontem, South West Region. It was however, incorporated into ANUCAM Educational Books Plc. in 2007.
ANUCAM focuses on the development and publishing of educational material for nursery, primary, secondary and high schools in the English Educational System in Cameroon. Recently, it began publishing in French so as to equally conquer the French market. ANUCAM has published over 160 titles.
Describing his death, one of the numerous beneficiaries of Mr Anu’s philanthropy Mirble Foretia writes “You became part of my life at a very critical time. As a young girl, facing a lot of challenges and peer pressures, you stepped in and molded me. Your advice to me shaped my life and changed me to the woman I am today. You thought me to be strong, independent and to always believe in myself. You empowered me with the books I read while working for Ebony Book Center”

In a related development barrister Mbesaha in USA thinks Mr Anu will have no regrets because he ”lived the life, [you] left an imprint on both family members, friends and the world at large”
Pa ANUCAM as he was always called was a symbol of peace, humility, wisdom and intelligence. He was a man whose philanthropy was unimaginable. He never helped people because he wanted a name or any publicity, that’s why you never heard that Pa ANUCAM had done this or that in the media. However, behind the scenes, he was doing marvelous things and making things happened not only for the hardworking but also for the less fortunate. “He did not only dream or believe in dreams. He lived his dreams of making the world a better place” says Ewane John,a dedicated consumer of ANUCAM books.

Pa ANUCAM was an accomplished publisher. He was arguably the best publisher west of the Mongo. Despite government’s deliberate refusal to clamp down on those plagiarizing ANUCAM’S book, and those of other publishers in Cameroon, ANUCAM publishers kept it going. Even in cases where government neo-colonial administrators preferred foreign published books to local publishers, that did not stop ANUCAM from continuing doing what he did with zeal, intellect, competence, determination and lot of sacrifices. He once said the goal of him publishing was not to get his books into school curriculum but to spread knowledge and expose Cameroonian writers. This, he did with flare. Mr Martin Anu has gone to join late S.N. Tita who equally published several books that featured in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools in Cameroon.

Mr Anu is survived by his wife Mrs Evelyn Nguasong, brother, Vincent Anu, his mother Lucia Anu, his two sons and grand children but also thousands of friends and admirers.
By AGENDIA ALOYSIUS, Edmonton Canada

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