Cameroon :Mancho Bibixy seriously sick, girlfriend on the run.


Mancho Bibixy after a failed arrest in Bamenda last December. The SCAR on his neck after the failed arrest is our big question.????


The girl friend / wife to be of Mancho Bibixy alias the coffin revolutionary leader Mrs Lum Saffi  missed arrest and is now on the run.


Our source hinted that she has been going to the yaounde high security prison kondengui to visit Mancho all the times, and that Mancho’s phone which was seized has her name, number and massages about the current anglophone struggle. gathered some three men in uniform came searching for her at the residence in Yaounde where she lives whenever she goes  to visit the revelationary leader .Luckily she was not home when they came.she was alerted by those at the yaounde resident who pleaded with her to return to Bamenda immediately ,which she did overnight.

While in Bamenda, Mrs Lum Saffi received a note from Mancho himself from nkondegui instructing her to escape out of the country.

Mancho Bibixy is seriously sick and is begging for help. For three weeks now he has spend over 400,000fcfa (four hundred thousands fcfa)   3/4 of which came from his family members,our source added.
This rrporter thinks its unfear and heart breaking to hear that some of the initiators of the current anglophone revolution have been forgotten so soon.
As those propagating the struggle have dwindled their fucos to just Dr Abgor Balla and Dr fontem.

Our source himself a close associate to the revelationary leader frown that Seemingly the numerous gofundme account are not doing anything to help those who have sacrifice for the struggle. An audio message by some of the Consortium leaders from his hide out seems to confirm this.

Please watch the leader of northwest drivers union speak from his hideout in the video below.

By hillman Muntang


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