Cameroon may suspend collective marriages

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Information  relayed by the news daily Le Jour of December 15, 2016,says Cameroon will wants to suspend collective marriages.

According to officials from the Ministry of Advancement of Women and Family, the aim of these marriages is to increase the number of registered marriages. However, what is becoming very eloquent  is that these marriages are being celebrated in violation of the legislative provisions and may even be canceled.

First, they are carried out without publication of bans, in violation of Article 54 of Ordinance No. 81-02 of 29 June 1981 on the organization of civil status and various provisions relating to the status of the persons involved , as amended And supplemented by Law N ° 2011/011 of May 6, 2011.

“However, this publication of bans is made known so that the persons affected have the time to report  to the registrar of civil status To oppose the marriage, “says the daily.

It also appears that their celebration violates the territorial provisions. “Not only do spouses marry in a center where they have never lived  nor were born, but also the officers leave their area of ​​competence  to  registers with the chosen  center of Celebration, “says Le Jour.



It should be noted that the law stipulates that the announcement of the marriage plan must be made by the registrar who received the declaration of intent one month before the celebration of the marriage. The publication must be made by posting to the officer of the civil status center where the declaration was made and then addressed to the authority of the place of birth of the spouses responsible for the preservation of the birth registers who then publishes it under the same conditions of the registrar of the last residence of each of the future spouses.

Failure to comply with these provisions may lead to the annulment of the marriage.

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