Cameroon :Menchum S.D.O threatened the principal of GBHS Wum for expressing his views on schools reopening




Benoit William Emvoutou,the Senior Divisional officer(SDO) of Menchum Division of the North West Region today 05-01-2017 summoned Fons, school principals and parents within their jurisdiction and told them to call off strike in Wum. source in Wum reports that during the meeting which was cochaired by the D.O.for Wum central Sub-division , the SDO requested the Fons to instruct their town crier to go round the village calling on all to return to school village.The head teachers told the S.D.O that schools resumption depends on the satisfactory resolution of the teachers grievances.

The principal of government bilingual high school (GBHS) Wum said he was a principal and at the same time a parent so he is afriad if the live of his kids and students.

The  S.D.O went mad and threatened him and ask him whether he was insinuating that schools will not reopen come Monday 9 JAN. 2017.The S.D.O. requested that the principal’s name be noted and asked the principal to sit down.

Another teacher got up and ask for permission to talk. When he was given the permission, he began by asking if the principal of GBHS Wum had finished what he wanted to say so he can continue with his,  before he could finish saying that the DO got angry and asked him if he was the principals lawyers ,the administrator asked him to warm his seat.

The Divisional director for vocational training said that they as parents were equally afraid of the lives of their children . The D.O said there is security. We are told all in the hall asked him in one voice WHICH SECURITY???The same security that raped their children in schools?











When the S.D.O  turned to the Fons and said they should call off the strike in Menchum .The Fons asked if they will become teachers to teach all schools in Menchum?They told the S.D.O that strike is for teachers and lawyers and not for traditional rulers and left the hall……..

Thus the meeting ended in great disappointed for the SDO.





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