Cameroon :Military Arrest Anglophone Youths Browsing Using signals from neighbouring Western Region.

Gendarmes arrest in Buea.
In West Cameroon where citizens have been on internet blackout by the regime for three weeks now,browning using internet signals from neighbouring regions of the same country is now a crime, as government continues crack down on anglophones telling the outside world the Marshall law being perpetuated by the Biya’s regime on the people of West Cameroon.

According to Santa meteo radio, A handful of young Cameroonians have been arrested at Presbyterian church Meforbe in the evening of Wednesday February 8 2017 in Santa central Sub-Division in the North West  for Browsing Internet using signals from Western Region.
The military operatives stormed the Presbyterian Church Meforbe at about 5:30pm when church service was going on. Majority of the internet browsers ran into the church for refuge but where forced at gun point by the military men and transported to the regional headquarter’s Bamenda.
The men in uniform who could not expressed themselves in English are believed to have taken some of their unknown captives to Bamenda and those known by the parish to the gendarmerie post in Santa.

The forces of the 35 years old regime where tipped by underground agents who are reported to be moving around in civilian clothing.The arrested youths of this English speaking region of Cameroon were browsing thanks to the internet connection from the West Region that has also spread with some strategic areas bording French Cameroon,Santa municipality included.
It is understood a student studying NEBOSH Diploma in occupational Health & Safety distance learning with a Uk based institution was in the group arrested Wednesday as he was submitting an assignment from his gathered his school loggin details where still open at the time of his arrest.

Internet connection has been disconnected in the North West and South West Regions for close to a month now and anyone caught with any image,sms or even a smart phone with details relating to the Anglophone problem is arrest and taken to an unknown destination.Many are now feared dead.

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