Cameroon -Minsec case: Court awaits prosecution submission

Special Criminal Court

Hearing of accused persons still involved in the case opposing the State of Cameroon (Ministry of Secondary Education) to the former Secretary of State at the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC), late Eyenga Abena Catherine, alongside 27 co-accused, who are mostly staff of the same ministry, reached its climax on February 1, 2016 at the Special Criminal Court (SCC) when the court rounded off hearing of accused persons while ushering the way for the Legal Department to prepare its final submission.

During the court session, the head of the panel of judges hearing the case, Mrs Justice Tchouatcha Watcha Yvette epouse Siewe, assisted by Mrs Justice Nsoe and Mrs Justice Zakiyatou Alioum epouse Dahirou Hayatou took time to hear what three accused persons had to say on the accusations charged against them; that is misappropriating public funds or complicity in the embezzlement of public funds. Offences committed between 2005 and 2006. After Rouly Mbila, Eboutou Akono epouse Minlo and Akoa Akoa Nicodeme had taken time to tell the SCC how they were not guilty of the crime levied against them. Last Monday February 1, was the turn of Mvondo Mvondo Augustin and Embolo épouse Enyegue MarieLouise.

Embolo épouse Enyegue Marie Louise told the court that she did not embezzle some FCFA 11,965,000, which was money met to execute a building project for the Ministry of Secondary Education. Mvondo Mvondo Augustin, who was the coordinator of money meant for Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initiatives HIPC Projects refused embezzling amongst others FCFA 23,400,000 as unduly earned bonuses, FCFA 2,720,000 for fictitious missions, FCFA 4,700,000 as money used not in conformity with the law, FCFA 53,410,000 as money wastefully used with late Catherine Abena. 

After chief-in-examination, cross examination and re-examination of Mvondo Mvondo Augustin and Embolo épouse Enyegue Marie Louise, the head of the Panel of Judges Mrs Justice Tchouatcha Watcha Yvette epouse Siewe, adjourned the case to February 24, 2016 to enable Advocate General Didier Edjisna of the Legal Department to present his submission


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