Cameroon :More than 500 armed policemen & gendarmes surround Hon. Nintcheu’s residence ready to trigger.

 Hon. Jean Nintcheu is getting confirmed reports that the home of the Regional President for the Littoral wing of the Social Democratic Front(SDF) Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu  has been surrounded  since 4 am this Saturday March 4th 2017 by a heavily armed battalion .

Our source on the ground say more than 500 policemen and gendarmes took positions with weapons, with their fingers on the trigger and neighborhoods is completely covered in blark  by the forces of the 35 years old regime of Mr Paul Biya.



The home of the main organizer of the rally to create awareness on Federalism which was planned for today March 4th in Douala , Hon. Nintcheu, was assaulted by the men in uniform who prohibited any exit and entry to the compound even though the planned rally  has been postponed by the SDF as reported by last night .
Photos of military presence in Douala Despite the cancellation
Stay turned

By Edmond Tambe

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