Cameroun military during 20th may march past  .




  • More than 500 passengers stranded.
  • Bamenda under Military complete military occupation.



More than 70 urban transport buses with more than 500 passengers on board belonging to amour Mezam ,Musango Vatican, Jean jeanot agencies etc, coming from various parts of Cameroon have been blocked at station hill and there is no movement of vehicles in and out of  bamenda, the Regional headquarters of the Northwest Region according to news reaching
Eye witness account say children could be seen vomiting in the buses and crying due to the long stop of the buses at the custom post before descending down to CRTV radio bamenda.
The road from Santa leading to bali nyonga which is also a major passage to Bamenda has been blocked and the ‘abakwa’ is completely under Military occupation and Defense minister Joseph Beti Assomo is expected to arrive the North West Regional capital of Bamenda this morning after hundreds of military trucks from Kotaba,Camp Yaya Yaounde, Douala arrived Bamenda last night.

Below is a video footage of military trucks leaving Douala for Bamenda 8th of December, 2016.

Meanwhile, the ruling CPDM party’s secretary general, Jean Kuete was smuggled out of Bamenda at 2am by the military. While Prime Minister Philemon Ebua Yang and other ministers remain trapped in Ayaba Hotel, Old Town until this morning,after they took refuge at the State the owned hotel yesterday.

By Hillman Muntang for


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