Cameroon :My bodyguard hasn’t been sacked – Nfon Mukete

Senator Nfon V.E Mukete

Cameroon’s eldest member of the Upper Chamber of Parliament, Senator Nfon V.E Mukete, has stated that the bodyguard assigned to him by the State has not been sacked.

Mukete made the correction in an interview with The Post on Monday, January 25, at his Kumba Palace. He was reacting to an earlier publication that asked the whereabouts of his bodyguard.

The traditional ruler told The Post that his bodyguard is still with him and, most often, he makes use of the guard when he wills, especially when he is in Yaounde. Mukete said he has no reason not to support action geared towards fostering peace and unity in a country that he has enjoyed all his life.

The Senator and President of the Southwest Chiefs Conference stated that he remains one of the most blessed persons that has enjoyed from the Biya regime in all aspects of life and restated his commitment to seeing a united and peaceful Cameroon.

The ruler of the Bafaws said he can never join any force to destroy or threaten the peace of Cameroon.

“I can never join any group of people to destroy this very wonderful and peaceful country, no matter what,” he stated.

He regretted that, recently, the media has been relating him to groups of persons and associations he has nothing to do with nor has any idea of their existence.

Going by the traditional ruler, the blessings he has enjoyed from the regime in place do not put him in a position of someone who will begin to fight against State interest. He said, even at his age, the President of the Republic still singled him for appointment into the prestigious Central Committee of the CPDM, besides appointing him Senator.

“I have benefited a lot from this country and the regime. The Head of State has shown a lot of respect and interest to my person,” the Nfon declared.

Reacting to his comments that sometimes touch on the Anglophone plight, the Nfon said all he does is for the interest of the English-speaking polity of the country. He said Anglophones need to appreciate his efforts in drawing Government’s attention to certain issues that will help in building the nation.

Mukete said he sees nothing wrong in pleading with the powers-that-be to ensure that the national bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune, be made truly bilingual in nature. Actions in this light, the Senator went on, will help the population assimilate official information on important Government action and stimulate development.

He recalled that, if at one point in time he requests for presentations to be done in English Language, it is because he loves his people and want them to get the best of information.

Source :The Post Newspaper

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