Cameroon :National Polytechnic Bamenda re-baptised

National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda

The Bamenda-based higher institution of learning, National Polytechnic Bamenda (NPB), has been given a new name.

According to a communiqué signed on January 15, 2015, by the Minister of Higher Education Pro Jacque Fame Ndongo the institution will henceforth be called National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda.

The minister’s approval letter was in responds to a request from Yong Jacque in the letter referred to as representative of the promoter of the institution.

Talking to hilltopvoices, Yong Jacque expressed signs of joy not just with the change of name but equally with the approval of the faculty of Chemical engineering in the institution.

It will be the third time the name of the institution is changing. National Polytechnic Bamenda was formerly named National Polytechnic Bambui until the end of September 2012 when it was renamed National Polytechnic Bamenda (NPB).

It is a private higher education institutions in Cameroon reputable for its excellent, moral and professional education. Started in 1996 with about 16 students and then authorized by the Cameroon Ministry of Higher Education on August 13, 2002, with Authorization No 002/0074/MINESUP, of 13 August 2002.

Founded by Mr. Yong Francis, a promoter of professional education, with his vision of reducing unemployment amongst the youth by providing them with professional education and skills they need for jobs and job creation, National Polytechnic University Institute offers various end of course diplomas and degrees from the nine (now ten) schools that make up the Higher Institute of Learning. 

From the school of business, finance and management, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Home Economics, Tourism and Hospitality Management, School of Journalism and Media, School of Medical and Bio-medical Services, School of law, School of Education, School of Maritime and School of Agriculture and Veterinary Science.

Recently The Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, paid a visit to the institution. The visit became historic since it was the first time that the Minister was visiting the university since its creation some 20 years ago.

On that occasion, he paid glowing tribute to the founder and proprietor of NPB, refereeing him as a “friend and brother, Francis Yong”.

During his few minutes stay, the Minister unveiled a monument in memory of the founder before inaugurating the 3-floor new Central Administrative Building. It was a moment for the minister to congratulate those (NPB Management Board) now carrying on the good work begun by Pa Yong Francis.


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