Cameroon- New Year 2017: Military Officers get rewards

The Epaulets and Medal award was organised nationwide.

In the North, Adamawa, East and South West Regions the ceremony was highlighted by military parade and the usual congratulatory songs accompanied by bouquet of flowers from family members and love ones.

Officers from the Navy, Army, Gendarmerie, and the Airforce commissioned and non-commissioned officers received their Epaulets and Medals in the ceremony chaired by the Administrative Authorities of the Regions.

In Garoua, the ceremony was organized at the independent Square, under the Chairmanship of its Governor Abate Edi Jean.

There close to 20 Military officers with ranks ranging from Chief Warrant Officer to commission and non-commission Officers some in the military for close to three decades all received their new Epaulets.

In the Adamawa Region 52 Military Officials from the Navy, Army, Gendarmerie, and the Airforce were promoted to the grade of Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants and Corporals. Their Epaulets were tacked by the Governor of the Region Kildadi Taguiéké Boucar.

In the East Region- Bertoua 57 laureates including the Gendarmerie, Infantry Batallion and the Airforce.

The Governor of the Region Gregoire Mvogo who chaired the ceremony also handed Agro pastoral equipment including wheelbarrows, cutlasses, water cans to some 9 military officers who have just retired.

In Tiko, the South West Region the Special Amphibious Batallion stole the show. It was the Divisional Officer for Tiko Patrick Ngwashi who handed the distinctions, praising the battalion for their acts of bravery demonstrated over the years in the defense of the Nation.

Epaulets were received by some 30 Officers of different ranks in the military.


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