Cameroon :Nfon Mukete & Co drawn over petition for Biya’s re-election


Nfon V.E Mukete, leading the charge against Anglophone marginalisation

Two CPDM stalwarts in Meme Division: Nfon V.E. Mukete, CPDM Senator, and Benjamin Motanga Itoe, former minister of the Biya regime and incumbent board chair of Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC are at daggers drawn over a call on Biya to seek re-election.

On Saturday February 6, Itoe is said to have organized a precipitated CPDM joint section conference in Kumba which endorsed Paul Biya for the forthcoming presidential elections. The Cameroon Journal learned that prior to the gathering, a conspiracy was hatched in which Nfon Mukete was sidelined.

Nfon  Mukete, reacting to the ploy, told reporters that the former minister did not only sideline him, but that he went as far as summiting  a concocted  list of 64 persons to the Meme administration as people who contributed money for the exercise.

According to the senator, Itoe put himself as the highest contributor on the forged list, having supposedly doled out 500,000 FCFA.

Nfon Mukete noted his name was given an amount of 300,000 FCFA, whereas he never contributed even a franc. It should be noted that Nfon Mukete is on record as one of those who contributes heavily to fund CPDM activities in the division.

The Cameroon Journal gathered that the name of Nfon Mukete’s son, Colin Ebako also appeared on the list as having donated 200,000 FCFA while the names of Benajmin Itoe’s two sons and his other proteges are printed as major contributors for the meeting. 

Against this backdrop, Nfon Mukete said he didn’t believe at first when he was told that former minister was a dishonest person.

The senator was categorical that he did not contribute even a franc towards the holding of the controversial Kumba meeting. Same thing he said happened to his son Ebako. He said Benjamin Itoe was being too dishonest for trying to manipulate figures to give the regime the impression that he supports CPDM party activities more than any other person in Meme.

Mukete said he had requested for proper mobilization and organisation to be done before holding the meeting but the former minister decided to do otherwise.

The incident has left both political figures at logger heads as each of them struggles to be CPDM political chieftain of the division

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