Cameroon :One civilian & one military reported dead in Ndop

Reports from Ndop says One civilian and the one military have been killed today 10th of February 2017.

Gun shots were heard shortly after 11am as police try to dispersed angry population  are demanding the unconditional release of the lives ones arrested Wednesday on instructions of Bamunka Fon John Samuel Njoya.

A military officer who was hurrily taken to Bamenda general hospital for urgent medical attention has been confirmed dead by our source at the Bamenda regional hospital. He said a military car rushed in to the hospital raising eyebrows. FINDINGS revealed military officer had sustend injuries from the violence after police began firing this afternoon in Ndop.

At the Time of this report the body of the security officer of the regime has been attended to at the Bamenda regional hospital mortuary.

Though calsaulties may increase, it is vital to note in this report that Two civilians are in the hospital in Ndop after shots by policemen and  Gerdarmes.


Ghost Town in Ndop has been 200% as seen in the photo below  
More details later

By Hillman Muntang

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