Cameroon -Operation Sparrow Hawk: Essimi Menye refuses to be Mebara

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“We had the genius to lead the official escape strategy,” said La Météo newspaper in its Thursday, February 4, 2016, edition.

It is in these terms that the MINADER would boast of having managed the coup of the century, about not getting caught by the ‘Operation Sparrowhawk’, launched in pursuit.

Now settled with his family in 6305 Shiplett Boulevard Burke, Va 22015 Washington DC in the USA, the former MINADER was able to escape.

Indeed, after being said to be very sick, a victim of an alleged stroke, “in danger,” the man expressed with relish how he set up a lobby designed to put pressure on the government, after his admission to the CNPS hospital on October 18, 2015, the newspaper revealed.

After the intervention through correspondence to the Head of State by the Minister of Health, Andre Mama Fouda, who proposed medical evacuation, or else transfer to Sangmélima referral hospital or General Hospital Douala. 

The newspaper said the rumor lends complicity -too very high – placed in the state apparatus.

“A discreet but serious investigation is underway in the seraglio and could be full of surprises,” said a source that evokes the wrath of the Head of State on this issue. Also in recent weeks, the regime officials have provided him some advice.

On this subject, he says: “They ask me to go to Cameroon, where President Biya would have given instructions regarding my immunity” before adding: “I do not want and cannot fall into the kind of trap like Atangana Mebara did, “confesses the former MINADER

Source :CIN

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