Professor Ghogomu: You should be ashamed of yourself, when you forward a false report to the authorities in Yaoundé, stating that you met students, teachers, parents and people of good will in Bamenda, who are mostly opposed to the strike action and wish that the children should go back to school as soon as possible. You go on to brand the teachers union leaders as people who are being manipulated and misguided. Nothing could be far from the truth.




In this spirit, you represent a real danger not only to our people and the future of our children but also to the whole country, as such politically tinted and nefarious reports only make it more difficult for those of your superiors who may genuinely want to engage in frank discussions that could lead to a genuine and lasting solution to the current crisis. May God be our helper.
Prince Akere Achu
The Cameroons Parent Association (CPA).

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