Cameroon : Parents from Nso use withcraft to avenge the death of Anglophone killed in Bamenda


A reliable source (a politician from Bamenda) hinted me that one of the two military officers who shot dead a ‘soya’ boy in Bamenda at point-blank range two weeks ago dropped dead under mysterious circumstances while the other has suddenly developed a BIG head and is lying helpless and almost giving up at a military hospital in Yaounde. My unimpeachable source claims the parents of the deceased boasted their innocent child couldn’t have died in vain.




Others are rumuored to be flocking OKU to ‘send thunder’ (whatever that means) to anyone guilty of killing their loved ones. Military officers in Bamenda were overheard discussing these and seem to be panicky. Does this explain the reason behind the call for more truck loads of fearless Nordist-looking military men?

We call on all protests to remain peaceful and may we leave vengeance to God.

Culled AKOSON pauline .

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