Cameroon Parliament finally vote Finance bill despite fight

Despite the bloodshed that resulted to a CPDM member of parliament injured, despite the altercations between elected officials, the speaker of the national assembly Honorable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril has passed the 2018 Finance bill .

Members met in the evening of yesterday Friday December 08, 2017 at the Ngoa-Ekelle hemicycle in Yaoundé to examine and adopt the 2018 Finance Act in the presence of members of the government.

As is customary, Honorable Nkoa Luc, rapporteur of the Committee on Finance and the Budget, read the full report.

According to our sources, after this reading, the Speaker of the National Assembly opened the question-and-answer phase between MPs and members of the government.Elected officials of the  SDF and UDC, two opposition parties, took the opportunity to launch to protest .

The SDF has submitted a request that a parliamentary debate on the Anglophone crisis to be opened.


Honorable Tamoino Ndam Njoya, spokesperson of the SVP in the National Assembly, in an outburst of anger, injured hon Wallang Richard of Menchum with her shoe. In spite of the total confusion that seized the hemicycle and the noisy demonstrations, the president of the National Assembly declared passed the 2018 finance law and closed the meeting.

“In the muddle, while opposition MPs were singing, President Cavaye Yeguie said that the general discussion is over and we move on to the various articles. He started reading article by article in the same noisy environment until he finished. He declared the law passed and CPDM members applauded. The same scene we had at the time of the adoption of the law of settlement “explains the Honorable Mbouaomboup Mana, UDC deputy who spoke by telephone in the early hours of this Saturday, December 9, 2017 …

The deputies are to meet again at the hemicycle no later than 13 December for the closing ceremony of the 3rd ordinary session of the 2017 legislative year. A session marked by protest from the opposition during the plenary sessions since it opened on 14 November 2017.

-This story was 1St reported by CIN  

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