Cameroon :Paul Biya to fly to Europe in February

President Biya of Cameroon

Before his trip, the President of the Republic  will preside over the Supreme Council of the Magistracy .

According to reliable sources,  events that took place last November,2016 in  two Anglophone regions caused a changed of date of the meeting to be held in Yaoundé.

Expected late November 2016, we learned, that the High Council of the Judiciary, will be held on Wednesday, February 08, 2017. Sources suggest that, in addition to the  strikes that punctuated the lives of the populations of the English-speaking cities of Bamenda and Buea, the holding of this meeting of the highest body of magistrates was also rejected for another reason by the head of state who is reportedly  not happy  Laurent Esso and Jacques Fame Ndongo, respectively Minister of Justice and Minister of Higher Education. For their handling of the strikes of the common law lawyers and English-speaking teachers.






According to the news daily, the meeting was also postponed because of the disavowal by the President of the Republic of the promotion list proposed by Laurent Esso the Minister of Justice. The list proposed by the Keeper of the Seals to the Head of State for  advancement to the ranks of magistrates  included two sons of the Littoral Region. Both of whom are not the taste of Foumane Akame the legal adviser of the President of the Republic.




All in all, the Supreme Council of the Magistracy of 08 February, 2017 is important for several reasons. The latter, it is said, should constitute a major step for the redeployment of English-speaking magistrates in the regions of the North-West and Southwest, as well as the frustrations of certain magistrates who are said to be ” Trampled “for more than 10 years, with regard to advances in ranks, notably in out – of – scale magistrates.

By Elad Pride .

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