Cameroon: Paul Biya’s plantation workers go wild; they set it on fire and are demanding salaries and arrears,

Photo Paul Biya
The President of the Republic Paul Biya is very angry with his main steward Christophe Foe. According to information relayed by the newspaper le Mutations published this Friday, February 5, 2016,biyas anger  comes as a result of a fire that broke out in one of the plantations of the President of the Republic.
” After investigation, it was found that angry employees had set fire to his farm,demanding their salaries and arrears owed them.Their reaction may have been to draw the attention of the plantation owner their grievances, “writes the newspaper.

In addition to this incident, which has made Paul Biya very angry, is another event which Christophe Foe Ndi not super vice properly .

” The president had realized during his stay in Mvomeka’a that his swimming pool was not maintained and he went on rage , “we learn.

In its Wednesday edition of 20 January, Sparrow hawk news outlet had already revealed that” while in his native village of mvomeka, Paul Biya wanted to enjoy a great time to take a cold shower in the pool. Scarcely had he descended into the pool of water before his body had begun to itch. All investigations show that the pool was not maintained. ”

These failures are sufficient to predict the downfall of Christophe Foe Ndi Mr Biya chef steward.

Sources have announced this weekend’s return of  the President at the Palace of Unity and Sparrow Hawk says the President has resolved to bringing in new men to the presidency of the republic.

This service attached to the civil cabinet is also responsible for the organization and preparation of receptions and official visits of the President of the Republic, the presidential fleet. The principal and assistant steward, stewards respectively rank and prerogatives of technical adviser and project manager.

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