Cameroon:” PAWA on Jan 2 2017? Complicated, But Possible”-Ayah Paul

Ayah Paul Abine ,Presdient of PAP


Justice Ayah Paul Abine ,president of the People’s action party(PAP) says the planned peaceful Anglophone walk (PAWA) of January 2nd, 2017 by former West Cameroonians worldwide is complicated but possible.

Ayah who said Yesterday 30th of December that he is just back from Kumba -the capital of Meme Division of the South West Region and is sharing information on the ground was reacting to a question on his previous post on his Facebook page after he was asked to throw more light or elaborate clearly as to why he thinks PAWA planned  for January 2nd 2017 is complicated.






The Supreme Court judge informs that ” like Bamenda; there are more and more men in uniform deployed by the day possibly to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to crush any demonstrations. I am reliably informed that there are equally possibly a greater number in civilian outfit at all hot spots, most of whom have infiltrated our neighbourhoods as spies. It appears their bosses have fed them with very precise instructions this time. My people on the ground at bamenda report same. Mamfe, buea, mutengene, kumba all giving similar reports. More and more troops live by the day for bamenda. Couldn’t meet all I intended meeting this day at Kumba, most who a free unarmed people who meam no harm are monitored on an hourly bases”.

His post  has caused some reactions from the within Cameroon and abroad  as Cameroonians of the English decent have indicated they are prepared to ruin any planned strategy by the regime on Jan.2nd 2017, gathered.

Some who commented after his posts say, “No matter the number of men in uniform  deployed by La Republique du Cameroun, “the intelligent people of Southern Cameroons will not be scared and the international community is watching.They insist that they would definitely make it,adding that “No one can stop this wind of change, this is a peaceful movement it was never easy in 1990”.





A  diasporan who commented said “We in the diaspora cannot breath, in fact we think very little about the 1st of Jan. We cannot wait for that day to come so that we show the world how much we smell FREEDOM. Freedom is at our door steps, no turning back to 2016…to 1961 when our lives were made hell by a bunch of clever French people. Justice let us all free ourselves and come out like never before on the 2nd.”For him, the peaceful walk of  Jan 2nd 2017 should and is not COMPLICATED. understands that Voice of America (VOA), Al Jazeera,Reuters,BBC Africa Service,Associated Press (AP),Social media (citizens)have already confirmed they will be reporting the peaceful march in Cameroon and PAWA organizers say the walk is going to be the largest ever Peaceful strike world wide on the same day organised by a  Country.

by Hillman Muntang


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