Cameroon: PM Yang’s visit to Fundong ended in deadlock -Reports

Philemon Ebua Yang

Reports says the visit of PM Philemon Ebua Yang to Fundong in the Boyo division of Northwest Region, March 07, 2017 ended in deadlock.

Yang who has been dwindled to be the Prime Minister just for the Anglophone regions threatened Southern Cameroonians  through a few who answered present to listen to the mere runner of La Republic that arrest will continue if they don’t send their children to school.

During the meeting, The people question Yang who does he want to go to school when he and his government have arrested and detained teachers and students in Yaounde.

The people of Fundong reminded PM Yang that there will be no schools until the anglophone problem is solve which he knows very well.


The mere runner of La Republic was told he is out only to satisfy the selfish ambitions of the government and not for the people of former British Cameroon .

Yang is expected in Kumbo where our sources have hinted the people of Bui are waiting for him with a ghost town.


By Hillman Muntang

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