Cameroon :Police fired at me, followed me but drowned in the river behind food market-Bamenda Coffin man

 Mancho Bibixy with his coffin.

Popular radio presenter and now Southern Cameroons Freedom fighter, Mancho Bibixy, who began the struggle in Bamenda a few weeks ago in a coffin , has explained how  police fired bullets at him in Bamenda on the 8th of December, 2016.

According to news relayed to  bullets had no effect on Mancho Bibixy alias’ the Bamenda -coffin man’.

On his Facebook page Mancho says, he sustained minor on his leg and received blessings from the Lord almighty.

 Mancho wounded on the leg on protest in Bamenda 8 th of December, 2016.

“Gun shut did not kill me.many watch this morning how la republic police fired straight at me.God almighty did another miracle.the bullet was diverted to my feet n only wounded both feet.3 of them still followed me n we fell in the river behind food market.our God drowned 3 of them.i came out loosing just a shoe n simple gun wounds.lets pray with Exodus 14 vrs 13 and 14″he wrote. 

photo of the wound after cleaning

After posting the photo of his wounded leg Mancho had this to say”thanks for the going back to support the striking population.we r winning n its 90mins.we cant give up now.all for 1 one for all”

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