Cameroon : Biya tells the youth “Be the agricultural entrepreneurs the country needs!”

photo of Abandoned tractors since 2011 in Ebolowa reason why many think the speach was a mockery to the youths from their leader

President Biya to the youth: "Be the agricultural entrepreneurs Cameroon needs!"

 Biya addressing youth
Addressing the Cameroonian youth during the 50th edition of the National Youth Day, on 11 February 2016, the Head of State, Paul Biya, urged them to grasp the opportunities offered by the agriculture sector, in an environment marked by a scarcity of jobs.

“In the middle term, the launch of the vast industrialisation plan, of which I mentioned the main points on 31 December, will generate many job opportunities. The development of our agriculture will be a key feature of this plan. I urge you to operate a real mental shift on this matter. Working the land is a sure not be afraid to take that step, be the agricultural entrepreneurs Cameroon needs. It is a noble and income-generating business in what should clearly be defined as a real economy”, President Biya declared.

With this, the Cameroonian Head of State called on “the responsibility of the seniors”, so that they “would encourage the youth to work the land”, as “it is not good to discourage them from this activity”. “It is just as important to give them the right example: City workers should also be able to take part in rural life (…) It is not about waiting to have a lot of money. It is first and foremost about will and commitment. In agriculture, it is sometimes possible to do a lot with little”, the Cameroonian Head of State pursued.

In order to get the necessary support to invest in agriculture, President Biya reminded his young fellow countrymen that the Cameroonian government has set up several programs, which aim is generally to provide financing to agricultural and livestock operators, to boost the national production and improve the living conditions of the population in rural areas. “Get some information on these programmes. You should be able to benefit from them”, Paul Biya advised.

However, aside from these programs providing funding to agricultural and animal farming activities, Cameroon is still awaiting the establishment of an agricultural bank, whose creation has been promised since 2011, during the Agricultural and Animal Farming show in Ebolowa, the capital of the Southern region. Indeed, the experts have stressed, in addition to the difficulty in acquiring land which is growing in importance in the country, the lack of financing, which still prevents the move from subsistence to intensive farming, remains one of the main pitfalls to the development of agriculture in Cameroon.

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