Cameroon ranked 6th heavy weapons importer in Africa

Cameroon is ranked 6th out of 54 in heavy importers’ of heavy weapons in Africa, according to the latest report of the National Institute for Peace in Stockholm (SIPRI), reported by APA last Friday.
In 2016, Cameroon was behind Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, says the document.

While it is true that Egypt and South Africa were not included in this ranking, SIPRI argues that Cameroon’s military spending in 2015 reached FCFA 209 billion, compared to CFAF 199 billion 2014 and 194 billion FCFA in 2013.

The increase in armaments spending is explained by the war that the national defense and security forces of Cameroon have been fighting for three years against the Nigerian islamic terrorist sect Boko Haram, which has been terorising the Far North of Cameroon since 2013.The war has already claimed nearly 2000 victims, according to an official report.

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