Cameroon : Renown British Cardiologist Dr. Fred KEMAH Warns BIYA.

Renown British Cardiologist Dr. Fred KEMAH with close ties to the queen of England and the British government has warned President Paul Biya on the Marshall law been perpetuated in English speaking Cameroon .


Dr. Fred KEMAH

Hear him; “…the simplest solution to the crisis going on in Cameroon is for president Paul BIYA to enter into constructive dialogue with Southern Cameroonians in the presence of third parties namely the Brits, EU, AU and the UN…failure which we will intervene decisively…”.

Dr. KEMAH’s special love for and interest in the struggle is not coincidental. He originally hails from Cameroon and a Soban through Sasse College Buea. Contrary to some online reports that prominent Cameroonian diasporans were not interested in the struggle, he has been very active behind-the-scenes; making personal financial contributions to tens and tens of persons in West Cameroon currently facing persecution. Due to Biya’s stubbornness and refusal to heed to global call, our very own learned medical doctor has vowed to push through with his personal contacts at Downing Street. Hear him; “…I am heartbroken by what is happening in West Cameroon. It beats me how a sitting Supreme Court judge and Consortium leaders are pciked up like street criminals unlawfully…we will fight back with every ounce of our strength and we will defeat him! I am provoked to now make it a duty to support the struggle full force and actively. I will cinstitute a team and meet the government of the UK. We are richer than La Republique; they are only a lazy husband who depends on the wife’s salary for survival. This wife has decided to throw the lazy man away…”

Fred Perry Kemah, MD, PhD, FRCP, FESC is Consultant Cardiologist. He is equally Hon. Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Medicine, London, UK. He holds Italiano-British citizenship with strong ties in Rome.


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