Cameroon :SDF accuses Paul Atanga Nji of inflaming the situation in Bamenda

John Fru Ndi, President of SDF

A meeting of the National Executive Comitee (NEC) of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) was held last weekend in Bamenda. A meeting between executives of the main opposition party in Cameroon after the violent riots seen in hours in the capital of the Northwest Region. is aware that as usual the meeting was chaired by Ni John Fru Ndi himself.

On leaving the meeting, the Chairman of the SDF answered some questions from a reporter of  La Nouvelle Expression (ESA). An interview published in the columns of the newspaper on newsstands December 12, 2016.

“Following the events of Bamenda, I found that police and gendarmes are more vandals than those the administration often called Vandals (…) we support claims of teachers and lawyers who are asking that only teachers who can teach in English subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, and lawyers who are demanding for the Anglo-Saxon legal system, “said Fru Ndi.


He subsequently frowned against the attitude of some members of the CPDM Government. Including the Minister Special Adviser to the Presidency, Paul Nji Atanga, who in his opinion insulted the protesters instead of listeningto them.

A provocative attitude, which in Fru Ndi’s opinion  added fuel to the fire. “I am happy that their children have shown that there is an Anglophone problem”.

Fru Ndi and his party condemned “in the strongest terms the killing and repeated assaults on our children by the security forces.” Also, the latter called the President of the Republic to resolve as soon as possible the problems of the people. For “If these problems persist until next year, it could be dangerous for our country,”Ni John Fru Ndi warned .



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