Cameroon: SDF calls the Cameroonians to support claims for federalism

As the government of Cameroon seek ways to negotiate with teachers’ unions and lawyers, the Social Democratic Front (Sdf), the main opposition party, calls on Cameroonians to join Demands made by the protesters in the English-speaking part of the country, in order to obtain federalism.

The party of John Fru Ndi, whose stronghold is in Bamenda, in the region of the Northwest (English-speaking part of the country), called on all Cameroonians to “claim” and “support” federalism, which the Anglophon claims in recent weeks now .

The call was launched at the beginning of the week, following a meeting of the party hierarchy.



According to a communiqué  of the party last weekend of which obtained a copy, The National Executive Committee of the SDF, which stands with Federation , “appeals to all Cameroonians of goodwill to join in the struggle to establish federalism, which is the only means of a better government, the bi-judicial, bi-cultural or developmental character through which the peculiarities of the federated states can be taken into account throughout the national territory “,.

For the SDF , the government that has called the “demagogic and populist escalation”, the demands linked to federalism, reiterated its position last Saturday. For Yaoundé, Cameroon remains “ONE” and “INDIVISIBLE”.

The Cameroonian authorities are returning to the negotiations currently underway, which are going through a period of downtime. The said negotiations should, moreover, resume.

“Negotiations with teachers will resume when the call to strike is lifted. The Prime Minister having fulfilled the required prerequisites, “recalled Paul Ghogomu, coordinator of the interministerial mission set up by the head of state to negotiate with teachers’ unions.



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